four letter word

The whole idea of Minutes with Meg is to, “control your controllables.” This means controlling the things you can so that life doesn’t seem so chaotic when you’re faced with the things you cannot.

And let’s face it; there are a whole lot of things we can’t control.

At our house we have faced yet another hurdle of something we could not control.

It is the bad four-letter word we HATE to hear or say around our house:



Now as you all begin to scratch your heads, because quite honestly it’s inevitable when you hear that horrible four letter word, let me explain.

This article is serving as a public service announcement especially for all of you lucky individuals who have never had your life temporarily—though it feels pretty permanent, interrupted by these horrible creatures.

Here it is:

Lice do NOT like dirty hair.

It is a myth that lice infest the heads of dirty individuals who don’t shower or take bathes often enough. In fact these “wonderful” little creatures love a nice clean head of hair. Trust me; I’ve done a lot of reading on these little “friends” of ours.

There are many methods for trying to prevent lice from setting up shop on your head. Some include preventative shampoos, putting hair up at all times, using tree oil in shampoo, etc.

The oilier your hair is the better.

If you happen to see me, don’t mind my oily hair there is a very good reason it is that way. I”m trying to deter these “friends” from paying a visit to me.

I’m quite certain I would not sit as patiently during the nit-picking as my amazing daughter has done each time we’ve been through this.

For the sanity of every mom, dad or caregiver who has ever had to spend hours nit-picking and decontaminating their houses only to be judged by someone who assumes they brought this on themselves please spread the word.

If you hear someone is dealing with a lice situation at their house, be kind. I promise you their patience is worn thin.

Someday maybe this will all be funny.

At this point I’m just hoping  it hasn’t traumatized my daughter so much that she needs counseling when she’s older.

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